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M&A Readiness

One thing is certain in life - we will not be running our businesses forever! Whether you are looking to sell the business, buy or merge with others, develop a succession plan, or just be in a position to maximize your value over time, our services are designed to help lead that initiative.  

At the heart of all A&G services, we believe in optimizing the business value to meet each individual client's unique personal requirements.  There are a core set of principles that matter most to achieving that result, which are intertwined in everything A&G does.  

We believe "readiness" is a process for most companies and can develop a specific plan and engagement for your needs.  If you are considering being proactively "ready" to grow your business value, we would enjoy a confidential discussion.

A&G is not a M&A broker.  We help clients find the right buy or sell opportunities and when a specific broker is needed, we assist with that relationship. This industry is all about relationships, and with our experiences we have many. All A&G resources have been involved as both buyers and sellers in this business. We bring our relationships to clients when needed, including other Solution Providers or MSPs, Private Equity Firms, industry specific brokers, among others.

Please contact us for a complimentary and confidential consultation.

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