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Deep down, all of our resources are truly teachers that chose to lead businesses. At the core of our service offerings, one-on-one business coaching allows us to most quickly deliver on our personal passion - making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients. 

What makes us different than the 1000's of other business coaches?  We have sat in your seat, flown your plane, and have a proven methodology we leverage to teach you HOW to achieve the results you desire.  Many coaches are focused on more limited areas, with great success.  By all means valuable!  Our clients desire to have a partner that digs into all of the details of the business, guiding and teaching them how to address all critical facets of the business.  Engagements combine a significant financial and metrics focus with the softer side of people management.  In the end, we are people businesses and must achieve our ownership outcomes through our teams.

Our methodology focuses first on the definition of a clear ownership objective or outcome.  With this clarity, we work together to develop the business plan (Focus) and execution model that will work with your specific team and circumstances.   We then work together with the company CEO to drive Accountability and Discipline though your leadership team and the entire company.

During each step of this journey, A&G leverages a full suite of tools to specifically address critical areas for each department.  These include:

  • Ownership Vision

  • Business Planning

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Services (Project-based, Managed, Cloud, other)

  • Finance and Operations

  • Human Resources

If you are ready to achieve best-in-class results and desire a teacher that will hold you accountable during your transformation, please contact us for a complimentary and confidential consultation.  ​

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