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Assessments & Valuations

Assessment and Valuation ​services are designed for companies who are committed to achieving meaningful change in their business results. Whether requiring a turnaround, transformation, or need to have a higher business value for future exit, our services are designed for you.

We engage with clients who require more than a stand-alone valuation and assessment, which are normally designed as a point in time historical view of the business.  Our services focus to:

  • Understand and guide owners to quantify what success truly means to them, emotionally and financially 

  • Define the alignment between the owners outcome and the business requirements needed to transform the company from it's current state

  • Define a clear roadmap to success - simplifying the complexity of building and executing the plan

Our deep analysis of the current business focuses on financial performance in all areas of the business, clarity of ownership vision, quality of leadership, organizational model and workflow, compensation, pricing, service delivery, and the development of a realistic plan for business transformation.

Our deliverable is much more than a report, but a roadmap to success outlining key areas for both immediate and near-term change.  Many clients have called this a "blueprint" that they have never had before.  All Business Coaching clients receive this same report as part of the initiation of our relationship.

Please contact us for a confidential and complimentary consultation.

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